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The Torah Gemach has a long list of shuls and other minyanim that need sefer torahs. 


We work with owners, and shuls, to give the Torah a new home, ensuring  the Torah is fulfilling its purpose.


every month, we take a census of how many people hear Torah reading from your Torah, so you can keep up on how many people your torah is effecting!

There are many  torahs sitting in Shuls, not being used. We find generous donors like you, to sponsor a whole torah, or to pay for checking and restoring the Torah.

Checking and restoration is a delicate task, requiring a competent , trained sofer. The parchment of the Torah is then scrupulously examined, touched up, and resown when needed. This often takes weeks and can cost from $5,000-$7,000 per Torah.



When you donate to restore an entire torah, as a sign of gratitude, the mantel can be dedicated to a loved one.

We have deployed Torahs  to:








just to name a few 

The torah gemach has helped more than 100s of shuls, and thousands of people have benefited from our work, and we are just getting started!


As great as this accomplishment is, as the Lubavitcher Rebbe always said, "Mi she'yesh moneh, rotzeh mosaim!" (one who has 100, will want two hundred).we can never be satisfied with our efforts, and always strive to improve and grow.


Join us in spreading Torahs around the world!


Donating or placing a Torah

Fixing Torahs

Where have the Torahs gone?

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