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Bentzion Chanowitz, created the Beis Yisroel Torah Gemach, after realizing that a sefer torah he inherited from his father was consistently being loaned out to different shuls withing Brooklyn. he thought "if the shuls nearby need torahs, how many shuls around the world must need them as well?"

this led Mr. Chanowitz on a ten year adventure in seeking those in need and loaning them Sifrei Torah. 


Mr. Chanowitz is motivated in this holy work by a Gemara (Kesubos, 50:A) "Rav Chisda discusses a verse in Psalms which alludes to wealth and riches being part of a home. Rashi, in his commentary on this Talmudic passage, explains that this pertains to owning and loaning Sifrei Torah".

Beis Yisroel Torah Gemach aims at ensuring that all Jewish institutions have access to  Sifrei Torah. "The intent is to provide a means for shuls and private individuals who have new or used  Sifrei Torah that are not in regular use, to connect with institutions who need  Sifrei Torah for weekly laining".


Currently there are more than 50 Jewish organizations and shuls that are waiting for primary Torahs and many more seeking a secondary Sefer Torah.

Additionally the Gemach helps organizations who only need  Sifrei Torah temporarily, such as people who are homebound and want a minyan in their house, or kosher getaway programs

The Gemach doesn't stop at loans, but also facilitates plans and networking to help shuls with long term loans, arrange aquiring or writing their own sefer torah.

The Gemach allows people who wish to support the work to participate on their own level. Someone who wants to have a Sefer Torah dedicated in memory of a loved one, but can’t afford the price, will be grouped with other people so they can purchase and dedicate a Torah.


The Gemach will also cover related costs that are incurred. A Sefer Torah on loan will be provided with transportation, insurance, an on-site safe, and the decorative covering.


Checks may be sent to: Beis Yisroel Torah Gemach, Attention: Bentzion Chanowitz, 1105 East 19th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11230, or email

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