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Mr. Chanowitz emphasized to that many will benefit in partnering with the Gemach. The primary purpose for owning or having a Torah is for the Torah to be used at krias haTorah. Those who wish to partner with Mr. Chanowitz can ensure that every Jew, wherever he may find himself, will have a kosher Torah at his disposal.

“Everyone I know,” Mr. Chanowitz told, “who travels for business or vacation always looks up the local shul in search of a minyan and kosher food. Now these travelers will have ways of showing their appreciation. We are working with one of the branches of the Chabad shluchim which feeds us information on which location is in need.”

The Gemach allows people who wish to support the work to participate on their own level. Someone who wants to have a Sefer Torah dedicated in memory of a loved one, but can’t afford the price, will be grouped with other people so they can purchase and dedicate a Torah. The Gemach will also cover related costs that are incurred. A Sefer Torah on loan will be provided with transportation, insurance, an on-site safe, and the decorative covering.

Mr. Chanowitz reflected: “The Torah is what binds all people together. I appeal to everyone to open up their hearts and wallets and to give generously to this cause.” Checks may be sent to: Beis Yisroel Torah Gemach, Attention: Bentzion Chanowitz, 1105 East 19th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11230, or email

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