The Talmud (Kesubos 50:A) quotes Psalms 106:3: “Wealth and riches are in his
house, and his charity endures forever.” Rav Chisda explains that this line
refers to one who writes scrolls that contain Torah, Prophets and Sacred
Writings and then lends these scrolls to others. Rashi, the foremost Torah and
Talmud commentator, explains: “The scrolls remain his because they are not
consumed, and his charity endures forever. He is constantly making them
available to others.

Our mission statement

Every Shul, Hospital Minyan, Summer camp, Long term Residence and Kollel should have primary and secondary Kosher Torahs to use in service.
The Torah Gemach will provide Sifrei Torah for the short or long term until a permanent solution is achieved for that organization.

How we work

We look for Shuls and individuals who own Torahs that are in disrepair or not being used. We ask them to place the Torahs into the Gemach while not giving up ownership. The owner is listed on the insurance policy as loss payee. We GUARANTEE that the Torah will be read from each week.

Beis Yisroel Torah Gemach will provide advice on all logistical needs and insurance. The Loan is done in the form of a lease so Insurance can be obtained.

The renowned Sofer Rabbi Daniel Dahan is the advisor to Torah Gemach. Rabbi Dahan reviews each scroll, making sure the Torah is ready for use. He
evaluates the Torah for insurance coverage and ensures that the Torah will be maintenance free for the life of the loan

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